Unwrap ,OrderBook , Farm , Stack , Pool ...Minor Delay or bug

Stacks Testnet address:{ST2KR5SMB7BVJN8Y5HKGK47MMZZ45NG1FDT2EAJ5Y}
Stacks Mainnet address:{SP2KR5SMB7BVJN8Y5HKGK47MMZZ45NG1FDRK0M53R}

Many UI related delay i can see , Transactions are accepted without any error very fastly…But Not actually on chain transactions are happening…

Pool,Farm , Staking options are accepting the Inputs but not displaying …Just providing Standard template of wait for 30 Mins

Moreover Unwrap function is not happening at all.

Attaching some imaes…

My Discord id : lensixm#9827