Unwrap USDT needed time to complete

Stacks Test Address: {ST1401A0D7D1RJGGNGT7JRFKANXJ933WMQ7PY9D1K}
ETH Test Address: {0x743b091203a0fcE407fEbbE13c63b2De87Db7bF3}

Well, I’ve done all the testing of your program and I see the following:

  1. Login is very easy, everything is fast and smooth, transactions are done instantly and I really like it.I think it’s very potential :slight_smile:
  2. User-friendly interface is a big plus but needs more vivid images than simple letters (eg Pancakeswap, etc.)
  3. The deposit and withdraw transactions sometimes have errors and I have to reload to be able to complete.
  4. Objectively, the interface looks quite rudimentary and needs more vivid and friendly things to make it easy and comfortable for users to manipulate.
  5. Telegram and Discord team member support service is very good and I see enthusiasm and good attitude inside this project.
  6. I know this time is just testing time and I see your project has great potential in the future so I will support this project.
  7. Once again I would like to thank the project team, good luck to you and I know you will be successful in the future.


Discord ID: {jaydennguyen#9667}
Telegram ID: {@khoaichienn}
Browser: Chrome lates version