USDC funds missing after unwrap 1.5 days ago - bug - update after 6 days

Stacks address:

Metamask address:
{0x59af0faF7fb0Daef2215D7d826dbD5Aa4409Bc41} testnet

On the 23th of November at 10:53 p.m. (CET) I entered 4 orders unwrap xUSD->USDC for a total of 5000 xUSD.:

  1. 1,000 xUSD -----> 998.00 USDC
  2. 2,500 xUSD —> 2,495.00 USDC
  3. 1,400 xUSD —> 1,397.20 USDC
  4. 100 xUSD ----------> 99.80 USDC

After taking into account the commission after unwrap it should be 4990 USDC.
To date, despite the passage of almost 1.5 days, I don’t have these funds on Metamask.
I removed and re-added the USDC token contract address, because sometimes such data does not refresh in Metamask.
But this didn’t help.
I still do not see these funds on the Metamask wallet

{Google Chrome 107.0.5304.107 (ver. 64 bits)}





1./ Transaction - Stacks Explorer by Hiro [Testnet mode]
2./ Transaction - Stacks Explorer by Hiro [Testnet mode]
3./ Transaction - Stacks Explorer by Hiro [Testnet mode]
4./ Transaction - Stacks Explorer by Hiro [Testnet mode]

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Hi Chan (@fiftyeightandeight),
It looks like it doesn’t work…
Still these USDC are not on my Metamask…
But also the transactions are not shown as completed (status Succeeded under ‘USDC sent’).
It’s been almost 6 days…



Hi @mike_bear_1 , I suspect these are those that are “stuck” after our last reset, so let me check and revert. Thank you

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Hi @mike_bear_1 , we just restarted public testnet due to this bug. Feel free to check it again

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Hi @sidney, @fiftyeightandeight,
thank you for your feedback.
I’ll try again.


After logging into STX Bridge, the wrap order from a week ago arrived on my Metamask.
A total of 4990 USDC. which means it is ok.
But I also found something like this…Three unsigned wrap trades from USDC to xUSD:


Etherscan details

Goerli Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Goerli Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Goerli Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

According to the story they were placed Nov 30, 2022 7:34 AM (CET)
But this was not possible, because at that time the USDC balance on my Metanank was 0.
They were also not in the Order History yesterday.
Anyway, it would not have been possible to place them, due to the lack of USDC funds.

And the question that comes to me from a user’s position: how do I delete these orders that have not yet been signed?

@sidney , @fiftyeightandeight could you take a look at this, please?
Thank you

Hi @mike_bear_1 appreciate for your testing.

I cannot see the screenshot, however there was a reset on our backend and seems like it did not work properly this week since we missed to update DB. So it is possible for you to see some discrepancy.

Do you mind testing again triggering new transaction? (not replaying already the submitted one)

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Hi @sidney
Thank you for writing.
The screenshot should be visible if you click on the ‘Details’ heading.
It works for me :slight_smile:
But just to be sure, I will disable the option to hide details in this application.
Of course I will try it on new transactions.
But by the way, I’m wondering from a user’s position, is it possible to delete these unsigned transactions?
Is it possible?

Hi @mike_bear_1 , thanks for your testing

About deleting transactions, let me get back to you after talking with product team. we were removing those on our side for now. Also, there are some dangling transactions displayed due to reset which will never happen on mainnet. However for the dangling transactions, we are manually removing those by refreshing goerili chain block every time during reset for now.

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Hi @sidney,

thanks for your reply.
One of yesterday’s wrap orders processed with an error.
Details below:

The announcement on goreli.etherscan shows that: ‘transfer amount exceeds balance’

But at the time the order was placed, the xUSD funds on unwrap were available.
This was 2 of 3 orders placed in a similar time frame.
And the first and third of them executed successfully.
However, the xUSD balance was reduced by the value of these three orders.

Hi @mike_bear_1 thanks for writing.

This is known issue. Our api provider which wraps custodian does not allow duplicated submission of wrap/unwrap request. However, there was a bug last week so we made reset testnet yesterday. I manually marked some transaction as failed due to above issue and your tx is one of them. Apologies for it and appreciate for your testing!

Feel free to let me know if you need more test tokens so I can provide you from faucet

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Thank you @sidney for these additional clarifications.
The three wrap orders (USDC - > xUSD) that I placed 6 hours ago still processed with a ‘Failed’ status.
At the same time, the unwrap orders (xUSD - USDC) processed successfully.
Some inconvenience, however, is that these orders (unwrap) appear with a delay of several minutes in ‘Order History’. While the wrap orders are visible there almost immediately.
For new users, this may be a cause for concern about their assets. Perhaps in this regard, it might be worth adding an additional message after signing unwrap transactions? This message could include information that the order may appear in ‘Order History’ with a delay of several minutes. And to be patient. Something like this.

As for additional faucet funds, I still have GoreliETH on gas fee for now. But thank you for your interest :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @sidney again,
My last orders (wrap and unwrap) completed successfully:

Only the balance on the USDC side looks a bit strange. But that was before these orders.
The point is that I make wrap/unwrap transactions for practically round amounts (100 xUSD / USDC)
On the other hand, a not very round amount of 541 USDC appears as the balance:


Hi @mike_bear_1 thanks for your testing again :slight_smile:
On myside, your wrap/unwrap seems fine where transaction fee just deducted.
Do you mind giving me a suspicious transaction_id if you find some?

For the balance, we ran a faucet multiple times last week so it is possible for you to have some random balance.

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Hi @sidney

I think it was as you write apro after those randomly awarded balances on testnet.

The only thing conspicuous now at the top of my ‘Order History’ is these three unsigned transactions of 30.11.

And the option that allows the user to delete them would be useful. I think.

Hi @mike_bear_1 thanks for your feedback.

We are still discussing whether we should implement this feature, let me update you in here when we decide. Ideally, sending and signing should be atomic action according to the design.

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Sure @sidney, I’ll wait.
Of course, the assumptions are understandable to me and I respect them.
However, I think it is useful to have a scenario for such cases.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @sidney,

when placing wrap orders from USDC to xUSD today, after validating it in Metamask, I realized that I had entered the wrong amount. Therefore, I decided not to sign this transaction in the second step.
Unfortunately, the funds for this transaction in USDC have already been blocked, and the transaction, like several others of its kind before it, is just waiting in ‘Order History’ to be signed…

I think we can’t leave it like that, because it looks like it blocks the funds permanently.
And either the user will have the option to delete this transaction.
Or the system will delete it after a certain period of time.
Of course, in both cases, there should be a trace left in ‘Order History’ when it is deleted.

Thank you

Thanks for sharing your usecases @mike_bear_1 , let me get back to you on this after sharing with our internal team!

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Thank you @sidney for your answer.
Sure, I’ll wait for the next news.