USDC wrap to xUSD and Flashpay function - observations

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{0x59af0faF7fb0Daef2215D7d826dbD5Aa4409Bc41} testnet

I entered 5 wrap orders from USDC to xUSD (screen no.1 and 4), according to CET time.
You could see the ‘Flashpay’ function working. However, the second one failed (screen no. 2)
I attach the details of this transaction:

[ ]

The total processing time for these two transactions took about 10 minutes.
The processing time for orders 3 and 4 took about 20 minutes.
Of course, the ‘Flashpay’ function appeared much earlier, within 1-2 minutes of placing the order.

With order #4 and #5, I also decided to test the boundary values for the ‘Flashpay’ function. That is, its operation up to the amount of 100 USDC.
It seems to be well configured (screen no. 4)

Thank you @sidney

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