USDC wrap to xUSD failed

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{0x59af0faF7fb0Daef2215D7d826dbD5Aa4409Bc41} testnet

Today, making a wrap transaction (USDC on xUSD), the first transaction ended in an error.
Below I send its details.
Time according to CET.
@sidney take a look at this, please. Thank you.

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Transaction - Stacks Explorer by Hiro [Testnet mode]

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Hi @mike_bear_1 thanks for reporting!

your transaction got reverted because our STX wallet didnt had enough fund at the time you sent request.

For now on wrapping, if request is below 100USDC, we use flashpay, which sends XUSD directly to the user before we get the XUSD from our custodian.

However, it seems like there was not enough fund at the moment you requested wrap.

Appreciate for this report! although this won’t happen on mainnet, we’ll try to adjust :slight_smile:


I understand, and thanks @sidney for the clarification.
Looks like a very interesting test case.
Another order executed a few tens of minutes later was completed successfully.

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