UX Improvement and ALEX Suggestion

Feature Name:

Current UX of the Feature:
Because the Stacks network is very slow in confirming transactions, the swap feature should add a transaction speed option so that we as users can choose.

Suggested Change:
There are several things to expect in the UX Swap changes, such as the following:

  1. The addition of the transaction speed feature as I mentioned in Current UX of the Feature

  2. The addition of an Expert Mode feature like PancakeSwap has. This feature is very useful for us.

  3. The addition of Recent Transactions which I find very useful because we can see our transactions without having to go back to Hiro Wallet.

If you agree with my suggestion, please comment☺️

Stacks address : SPC1733KB1CYF7QZNMXT8YG692A3BPBR2SX7PBJ4

This is for the ALEX Orderbook test only, swap, staking, and yield farming features are LIVE now on the mainnet.

The Recent Transaction is on the top left corner of the navigation bar.

Thanks for your feedback.