Very slow network

No error to transactios but, transactions slow, please please fix the network so transactions are fast.



Hi, I think it would be useful to have a bit more specifics, some screenshoot(s), a more detailed description :thinking: There is a template for this :+1: This is a very helpful solution when submitting and processing applications, I guess :slightly_smiling_face: Thx :+1:

I find a template, ready to use :+1:

Body of post:
Stacks address:{Insert your wallet address within the braces}.
Descriptions:{Insert your issue description here with details}
Screenshot:{Add screenshots showing your issue to help us identify the problem}:

Discord ID: {Insert your Discord ID for us to contact you for issue details}
Telegram ID: {Insert your Telegram ID for us to contact you for issue details}

Good luck :+1:

Deposit transactions need to be confirmed on stacks blockchain, it usually takes about 10 min to proceed

The orders are matched instantly with the match engine.

Thanks for your feedback.