Whitelisted Bug and Feedback

I’ve tried several features and I want to say that the design is very attractive, the color combination is not boring. Making users feel at home doing transaction activities on the platform, the website header looks neat and there are only a few changes to the footer because it looks too simple with a small display. For a new start it’s pretty good and of course with the community testing it I hope to see good improvements soon.

It seems there is a bug when I first open the website, because a notification appears saying that I am not on the whitelist even though I have registered and of course there is already a faucet to do a trial. It looks like the website provides wrong information, it’s best for the team to identify this problem so it doesn’t disturb other people. After I went to Discord, this issue was resolved on the #question channel on the messaged pin. Thank you for giving the best for the community.

my address stacks:

EVM: 0x808C31Ddd59901410065A7A533351AF32f0406DB

Just the same with you. All functions run normally, transactions are executed quickly and I think that is the main thing in every crypto transaction. Design is also good and not boring, will make many people interested. Even though the bridge process is quite long, for a start this is very reasonable, I hope that there will be improvements soon and the bridge process will be faster. But at first there’s error messages about my wallet not being whitelisted but it is, glad that it can be solved from asking in the Discord community.


EVM address: 0x88E274eD60f3Afe1A34616579E63d3e40BE480De