Withdrawal showing wrong balance and fields are not resetting (2 issues)

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Issue 1: When user clicks Withdraw, the pop-up for withdrawal opens. Here when user is trying to select the token for withdrawal, the token list displays user’s token balance in the wallet (not withdrawable balance). This is wrong. For WITHDRAWALS, users’ trading account balance should be shown for each asset in the list. Showing wallet balance is valuable only for DEPOSIT functions.

Issue 2: Withdrawal fields are not resetting automatically when user closes/logs out and come back. For example, I have opened WITHDRAWAL pop-up and entered 1.5 BTC as withdrawable amount. Now when I close the pop-up and navigate to other DEPOSIT (for example) and later comes back to WITHDRAWAL pop-up page, I can see that the value I had entered (1.5) is remembered by the screen. Ideally this should be reset. Even after logging out and later reconnecting, I am able to see the same amount in the screen when I go to WITHDRAW (SAME Issue is found in ‘DEPOSIT’ function also)

Discord ID: DayalKS2#5405
Telegram ID: @DayalKS2

Thanks for your feedback, we will take it into consideration.
For consistency reasons, the balance always displays your wallet balance at the moment.