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Following up on the previous topic, I also similarly entered 2 unwrap xUSD transactions for USDC.
Both with a value of 100 USDC.
Each of these transactions was signed with the standard transaction fee set.

Both transactions completed successfully. Each took ~30 minutes to execute.

The only thing it would be worth reducing is the time it takes from the time an unwrap transaction is signed in Hiro wallet until it appears in ‘Order History’.
In both test cases it took ~10 minutes. While the USDC wrap transaction on xUSDC appears practically immediately after signing.

I have already mentioned this in earlier submissions. And I still maintain that it needs improvement.
I think it is worth implementing some additional intermediate mechanism that will display the unwrap order in a similar time as it is for wrap orders.

As a last resort, it could be some additional message that explicitly states the intended delay of the appearance of unwrap transactions in ‘Order History’.

This would avoid confusion and concern among STX bridge users about their funds on the mainnet.
@sidney, what do you think about this?

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Hi @mike_bear_1 thanks for your feed back,

The reason why unwrapping takes longer is due to STX block creation time which takes way longer than ETH block creation time. We currently list on order history only when TX is confirmed.

I agree to put elaborating message which explains above underlying mechanism if you meant it?



Hi @sidney
And thanks for your answer.

Yes, this is my proposal :+1:
And I hope it will fulfill its purpose :thinking:


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