About the Suggestions category

The ALEX Lab Foundation is always striving to improve the ALEX Ecosystem, and all suggestions coming from the community will be highly valued and taken into consideration.

To keep up with all the possible Suggestions, this does not limit just to Alexonomics, LP Rewards, Marketing, Growth Strategies, Roadmap, IDOs, Token Pair Listing, Borrow/Lending, etc.
When making a suggestion, please create a post and label it with a ‘Suggestion’ category to get attention from the community.

To begin providing Suggestions, please consider using the format below.

[Please provide an introduction of what you are trying to address to the community.]

[Please provide a simple summary of the introduction in the form of the current problem and a summary of why your suggestion would improve the existing Feature.]

Current Feature:
[A feature could have many different intended UX, please target the specific part of a feature you plan to address. E.g., Swap feature has a slippage setting, token pair, UI, etc.]

Suggested Improvement:
[Please describe your suggested changes in detail.]

Possible Challenges:
[If you believe there are technical or non-technical challenges, please describe them here. ]