A little bit of info for Alex Foundation

Alex Foundation being the first Defi on Bitcoin gives it the humongous hype, with the amazing team and testers putting in their inputs, it’s really nice…

I have a thought; walk with me :walking_man:
What if?? Alex foundation launches an ordinal nft since it’s built on bitcoin.
The $ALEX token booming and setting on the defi, the nft attracting projects and whales hence generating liquidity for Alex foundation…

Just a thought. What do you say?

Stack Address: {ST3812YHJDETKP0AEYG661AQ6TTNT4277DVM3CRXE}


Yeah it’s possible…Alex have that ability…it’s so smooth and interface is so amazing.


To the moon guys we can do it

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tooooooooo the moooooon

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