PINNED: ALEX IDO Complete Guide

Welcome to the Project Introduction category section, where everyone can create discussion or vote on recommended community projects that are planning to launch on the ALEX IDO Launchpad.

As the ALEX IDO Launchpad is still in its early phase, most of the projects applying to the Launchpad are actively manually reviewed by the ALEX Lab Foundation team members. However, as a start of our transition into a DAO, the Foundation team would love to include the community in the voting selection process of listing projects in the Launchpad.

To vote, the ALEX Lab Foundation would present some key points of upcoming projects, including basic information, features, tokenomics, listing prices, security audit progress, and all social media handles.

Here is an example of the due diligence report from the Foundation: BANANA IDO Report

Then, you can decide whether the Foundation should consider listing the project with the information given by voting below ( Yes / No / Requires more information )

  • Yes, please list it on the Launchpad.
  • No, this project does not meet the criteria to list on the Launchpad.
  • Require more information before voting.

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As the Stacks ecosystem grows, there may be projects looking for Launchpad to accelerate their growth beyond our radar. Community members can use this Category to post projects to get attention from the ALEX Community.

To do it so, here are the guidelines to follow:

Project Name:
[Insert the project name]

[Please write the nature of the project, e.g, PopTown is a Play-2-Earn RPG game that allows the player to earn tokens by completing daily quests. Then, the players can use the tokens to upgrade their warriors, buy unique gears, etc. Remember to include as many details as possible.]

[Write down all the possible features that the users would be able to use currently and remember to separate the upcoming features to prevent confusion.]

[Please describe how the project tokenomic would look; this includes max supply, circulating supply, emission model, inflationary/deflationary model, token utilities, and current allocations. ]

Team Members:
[Please include all the team member profiles here.]

Current Metrics:
[Please describe the current metrics that the team has achieved so far. Note that an idea alone without any form of execution tends not to fare well with the majority.]

[Please describe the team’s plan for the future.]

Social Profiles:
[Include all the official links to the project social profiles and website here.]

Current Security Audit Status (If any):
[With all the exploits out there, please include details of the project’s current audit or plans to secure their project for their users here.]


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